Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ArtPort Shuffle for SCAD Student Orientation Day with Blick Art Materials

Last month I got together with Lomaho Kretzmann, Andrew Brodhead, and Alex Soto to do an ArtPort Shuffle session. We got to post up in the middle of Telfair square and get down. 
Here's what happened. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hutch Mural Timelapse

Here's the full length timelapse from the mural. Enjoy!

Mural in Hutchinson, KS

I was back in my hometown of Hutchinson, KS this past month to sling some paint around. Saw good friends that I hadn't seen in a while, snagged some great records on the cheap, and got to lay down this mural in a prime location of downtown. Real good trip indeed. Big big thanks go out to Jennifer Randall who set this whole thing up, and has been doing wonders for bringing life back to downtown Hutchinson. 

Photo by Jennifer Randall

End of the first day. 

Funny chance event that my good friend Pat Calvillo just happened to be back in Hutch at the same time, and was game to lay some color down. He truly saved the day. 

Very good friend of mine, Santalena, helped me out a lot by letting me utilize her Zumba studio just down the block to get out of the sun and get hydrated. Here she is with her wonderful son, Drazan, putting some finishing touches on. 

Photo by Kristen Garlow Piper

I was hounding Pat about getting his game tight. I mean look at this, the Pattilac tag is just waiting for him to claim it. 

This is the waterpark adjacent to the mural. I would fill up the waterbuckets here each morning. The mural is about 50 feet to the left. Kids would go crazy over here from sunup to sundown. 

From all the way across the park. Main St. & Ave. A Hutchinson, KS. 

Figure done. One more half day getting those waves crisp.